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Unlike other promotional items, a pen is said to have “legs.” They are used by people anywhere they may be. Thus, this item is one of the first choices when it comes to advertising items. Because of this, using Waterman Corporate Pens will be the best giveaway you can use that even a person with the sharpest taste will love to have one from you.

With its own style, a taste of amenity, and luxury, Waterman pens are not your ordinary pens. With Waterman pens, you get to have luxury and fine writing in their exquisitely designed pens.

The Stylish Collection

Waterman has a definite collection of elegant pens. It includes Serenite, the Edson, Carene, Charleston, Expert, Ici and La, Harmonie, Hemisphere, and Audace. Exclusive for your voguish taste, you can personalise the pens with an imprint of your company name and logo to make your Waterman Corporate Pens a precious collection that your clients will surely love.

Before Buying Your Waterman

Choosing your Waterman Corporate Pens for your promotions is not an easy thing to do. There are many models to choose from. You also need to watch out for fake fountain pens. Some people are picky when it comes to fountain pens. Things such as the size, weight, the nib, ink capacity, and mostly, the price are what they consider. All of these requirements can be met once you give away the Waterman pens.

Waterman pens are comfortable to write. They have an easy but secure grip. The early pens were made of rubber to provide better grip. The nibs of the fountain pens were made of 14k gold. You do not have to worry about staining your clothes and hands. Even if you turn the pen upside-down, it would leak any ink. Moreover, take some time to look at the different designs. The pens have exquisite designs that people will simply adore. Waterman Corporate Pens are definitely the perfect giveaways.

Where to Give Away the Pens

Any business event such as trade shows and conference is perfect for giving away Waterman pens. Other instances where you can give away these pens would be during Christmas, Valentine’s day, or birthdays for your employees. These Waterman Corporate Pens used as gifts will lift up their spirits during these joyous occasions. Your clients will be more than happy to stay loyal with your products and services when they receive such gifts.

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