Want More Sales? The Secret To More Sales Using Free Online Resources In Your Marketing Strategy

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I seriously hope your business isn’t making this catastrophic mistake!

Here’s a question for you,

If you could slash your existing advertising and marketing expenses, and get more sales making use of totally free advertising and marketing resources instead…would you?

My guess is that you would, I mean really…who wouldn’t?

Every day I talk with business owners around the world specifically about their present advertising and marketing resources, as well as the outcomes they are acquiring by using them, I have found that almost 90% of them are solely doing “offline advertising.”

Offline advertising mainly relies on the “traditional” style of marketing leveraging tools and services that aren’t “online.” This includes radio, Yellow Pages, newspaper advertising, television etc.

Now I’m not saying that standard marketing and advertising is bad, but the reality is…it’s extremely expensive.

Radio ads, television ads, and specifically newspaper advertisements, are all very costly expenses to get your marketing message in front of your target market…expenses that you don’t necessarily HAVE to incur.

Have you heard of Google, YouTube, Twitter, or the biggest sensation of them all…Facebook?

Millions, better yet billions, of people are using these sites daily to search for facts, reviews, and experiences with various products and businesses…including the same products and services that your business offers.

Small businesses have double, tripled, quadrupled, etc. in a matter of days as a result of getting Totally free exposure from Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Would it surprise you to learn that an attorney was able to cut his marketing budget by a whopping $25,000 per year just by uploading videos on YouTube.com? Video marketing is huge!

Note, its not just small business using these free online resources. The University of Phoenix has been able to successfully engage and attract students to their school by using the power of the worlds most popular free video sharing website!

Then there are businesses that have been able to build a huge loyal customer base like Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck. This business uses Twitter to announce where their truck will be located and their “tweets” regularly draw 300 to 800 people ready to purchase.

Are you beginning to see the picture? These no cost services online can equate to incredible profits for your business. Balance your marketing strategy by using both online and offline methods to get more sales and dramatically boost your profits.

I suggest you get started right now, and begin generating new leads and clients.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and get even more sales?

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