Visiting Cards and Its Important Etiquettes

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Business cards or a visiting card is a small document that includes necessary information such as name, designation, address, website address and contact number of the organization. It should also include personal and company contact numbers. These are considered to be inexpensive tools that can be used effectively to introduce the card holder in various business fields. It can be given to any person anywhere and anytime to improve business prospects.

Significance of Visiting Cards

These are quite indispensable for the growth of a company. Both advertising and marketing play a vital role in the growth and success of a company. It is considered to be an effective and powerful tool to promote a business and gain maximum exposure.

Some of the most important benefits of visiting cards are elaborated below.

Contact: These include all the necessary contact information such as personal and professional telephone numbers, website address, email IDs, physical address and so forth. Multiple types of contact information are provided in these cards. It is also important to include all the contact details as some people may contact through e-mails where as some may call directly.

Self Promotion: It acts as a self promotion device and serves as ice breakers in any new relationship. The exchange of these cards is quite essential to promote business and to attract potential customers. Moreover, people accept theses cards readily as it involves no obligation.

Reveal the nature of business: Most of the visiting card reveal the true nature of the business as it includes the name of the company and a descriptive catchphrase.

Design: Even though the information on these cards is vital, the appearance of the card is equally important. As business cards make the first impression, it ought to be attractive with the right print, color and design. Avoid bold colors and prints.

Website: Today website address is quite vital for businesses to thrive as modern day businesses are conducted through websites and online shops. So business cards should include website URL so that customers can browse through the list of products and services offered by the company.

Additional Prospects: When visiting cards are distributed to clients, it may be passed on to other prospective clients. Therefore, these cards serve as networking tools to gain more exposure in the business markets.

Important Etiquette of Visiting Cards

One of the most important etiquettes includes the authenticity of the information printed on the cards. It is important to fill in correct contact details on the cards.

Stylish fonts should be avoided on these cards. It should neither include bright colors and bold prints.

These cards should be exchanged at the beginning of the meetings or when the meetings are over. It is also important to keep the cards neat and never to fold them. Use card holders to keep these cards so that it can be retrieved easily.

A visiting card is a symbol of professional achievement so it is pertinent to exchange the card with your right hand as a sign of respect.

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