Vehicle Wraps and Magnetic Signs to Promote Your Business

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Business owners are always looking for unique and affordable ways to promote and advertise their products or services. Mobile advertising through the use of vehicle wraps and magnetic signs is an effective method for reaching your target audience and providing exposure for your business.

Mobile advertising is a creative way to use your car or truck as a moving billboard. With your company name and logo attached to your vehicle, you are able to instantly advertise wherever you travel throughout the day. This type of widespread exposure is not available from traditional business signage.

Two of the most common ways to promote your business using your car or truck include vehicle wraps and magnetic signs. Each method is highly effective at spreading your marketing message and gaining exposure for your business name and logo.

Vehicle Wraps: A wrap is a high-resolution piece of adhesive vinyl that is attached to a vehicle. The company name, logo, and marketing message are included along with graphics or pictures to catch people’s attention. Wraps come in a variety of choices including those that provide full coverage and those that only partially cover the vehicle. Think of them as a giant, removable sticker that is professionally placed on your car, truck, or trailer.

The purpose of a vehicle wrap is to get your marketing message and business name noticed. Interesting graphics and bright colors ensure that your vehicle stands out on the road. One benefit to wraps is that they can be removed. This allows business owners to change their advertising message every so often to keep it fresh and innovative. If removed properly, your paint underneath will remain in good condition and not damaged by the wrap.

Magnetic signs: These signs are an affordable and creative way for businesses to advertise and promote brand awareness. Magnetic signs typically display a business name, logo, and contact information. One advantage that these signs have is that they are easy to apply and remove. This characteristic allows owners to transfer them effortlessly from one vehicle to the next. Magnetic signs attach securely to a vehicle and will not fall off in bad weather or at high speeds.

These signs are ideal for real estate agents, landscapers, and contractors who want to advertise affordably in their local area. Be sure to apply these signs in an easy to view area on your vehicle. The driver’s side door, passenger’s side door, and rear of the vehicle are among the most popular locations. Include your business name, logo, and any other information that will attract your target market and peak their interest. Dark print on a light background is easy to read.

Vehicle wraps and magnetic signs are the effective and affordable way to transform your vehicles into mobile billboards for your company. Whether you have one or two cars or an entire fleet, mobile advertising is beneficial to spread your marketing message. Be sure to work with a qualified sign company who offers the latest technology and high quality design services to get your business the exposure it needs to be successful.

Jim Braun is the owner of Sign Resources, located in Kernersville, NC, a full service sign company specializing in the creation of vehicle wraps and magnetic signs for all types of businesses and organizations.

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