Valentine’s Wishes To Your Employees

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Every year, after the Christmas tree is stored away and the clackers stop clacking on New Years Eve, there’s a lull in celebrations until that lovingest of all holidays comes along and it’s time to express to those in your world how much you care. Of course, that’s Valentine’s Day and when it comes to a busy office, one of the best ways to say it isn’t with flowers, it’s with an automated time tracking tool.

It sounds silly but let’s face it, every employee has faced the challenge of being in one place and needing to return to another JUST to clock out and that’s… well, annoying. It’s a waste of precious time first thing in the morning having to check in to the office solely to punch the clock then return to the job site which was just minutes from your original destination in the first place. Ugh. That’s a waste of time. And a waste of paper is the old-guard use of sheets and cards to reflect work hours for valued employees who may be working on several jobs on a given day. With little more than your smart phone, cell phone, and a computer, you and your entire staff can clock in and clock out in real time with just a few clicks. Or, if you have no Android or iPhone, dialing a number and sending a text message sends Cupid into orbit.

Who wouldn’t want to be your Valentine when you find an automated time tracking tool that offers exceptional customer service, knowledgeable support staff, webinars or other avenues to educate staff, and an easy to use and operate system. Nothing says “loving thoughts” like a time tracking program that makes everyone’s life easier. Research key components to be sure you are getting the best option. Consider high user satisfaction ratings. You need a company with a proven track record, somebody who knows what they’re doing willing to help you be able to say the same. Are they available 24/7 and 365 days a year? Can they boast 99% or more uptime? And are they willing to customize their time tracker to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and software? If so, you’re dealing with real sweethearts.

Any company shooting straight from the heart will offer you a free trial period on all accounts, preferably for 14 days or more. They should also have several plans to choose from at various costs. You will be amazed at the reasonable costs per months for different plans. And make sure that ease of use and set up is included and it’s one that integrates with your current system.

Eventually, you will have to ask the hard questions, like how’s the data storage. Is it large enough, secure enough? A time tracking program should safeguard your reports, your time entries, your job codes, your custom fields, your employees, and your clients like they are a heart of gold. Settle for nothing less than daily backup.

Won’t you be my valentine? You’ll have a slew of them lined up from your office door to the front door when you introduce your business to online timesheets and mobile time tracking. That will show you care enough to give the very best to the very best – your valued employees.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and aggressive-growth business leader, TSheets. is Matt’s sixth start-up venture. He is passionate about helping others achieve individual and corporate success and often travels nationally to speak at industry and Internet conferences on leadership, entrepreneurship and sales. Matt believes strongly in the exponential benefits to small businesses and major corporations alike who opt for a web-based, cloud-computing mobile time tracking solution.

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