Vague Logo Designs in War With Custom Logo Design

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A Custom Logo Design is designed by a creative designer who has technical expertise. He produces a design that captures the minds of your target audience positively only. Another advantage with a custom logo design is that it clearly gives away the message that it wants to give to its target audience- right in their faces.

They are not given space to perceive it as it is an instantly generating message that is shot in the customer’s mind by the logo design right there and then! You decide to come up with your own networking website where you are going to program, develop the pages and you vow to nurture online relationships more than Facebook or MySpace has ever done.

You carefully select the people you are going to hire, the work load, the amount of time you will give to your commitment, the unique ideas you have been building on for the past one year… and then you go onto design your logo on Adobe Photoshop! You stand back and look at that thing you call a masterpiece without understanding the underlying concepts and the emotional buttons you may press of those who will be using your end product.

A friend thinks your logo looks hot because of the neon green and the sporty blue color. Another thinks your logo just looks like a face that is gloomy. So many people start perceiving it differently. And that’s where the games begin…

The problem with designing your own logo or giving it to your neighbor to design it for you is that your end user will perceive it differently every time, the result of which will be the uncertainty that your end user will attach with your website- your sole business. Your target audience will be confused when your logo design will not be simple and straightforward about its image and perception.

Another advantage to a typical business is the fact that its custom logo design comes with a licensing agreement and a copy right is given to the respective business only when it is done by a professional logo designs consultants. A logo designed by anyone else will run the high risk of getting copied or worse, an improvised version of your brand image may be being used by another business across the globe.

The moment another business is using a logo similar to yours, then having a brand identity through your logo or not is more or less the same thing. Your business’ logo should be designed by a professional who is known to trends and well versed in concepts and colors above his technical expertise in design. A business’ logo design must be clear to their end users and your businesses cannot afford to put it forward vaguely.

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