USPS Every Door Direct Mail – Small Business Marketing Just Got Easier (And Whole Lot Cheaper!)

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Who says the government doesn’t do anything right? Uncle Sam just increased your small business marketing budget substantially. Introducing: “Every Door Direct Mail,” a new mailing program from your “gruntled” pals at the United States Post Office.

Postage is now a whole lot cheaper as low as 14.2 cents per piece. And that postage covers a much, much larger postcard or brochure than a little bitty 4″ x 6″ postcard used to cost you. And as an added bonus with USPS “Every Door Direct Mail,” you don’t need to buy a mailing list.

What’s the catch? No catch, but there are a few restrictions.

1. You must mail a standard flat oversized piece (no letters) and size restrictions apply.

2. You must mail to complete postal routes (subgroups of zip codes about 200 – 800 homes each).

3. You need to prepare your bundles according to USPS specs.

4. You have to drop them off at the appropriate post office location.

5. You are limited to mailing no more than 5,000 pieces per post office on any one day.

But there are huge advantages to “Every Door Direct Mail”!

1. Postage as low as 14.2 cents a home even for an 11″ x 17″ brochure.

2. It is cheaper than bulk mail and arrives at your recipient’s home sooner.

3. Addressing is simpler. No need for bar coding.

4. You can pick the day of the week to mail so you have more control on when it arrives.

5. No need to buy an expensive mail permit.

You are targeting your mail by USA geographic areas so if for example you were mailing in my neck of the woods, say Dublin, OH you could target only postal routes on the west side of the Scioto River and just north of the Hilliard, OH city limit. Select the Dublin homes you want to mail and you are on your way to targeting your list (without actually having to pay for a mailing list). The mailman will deliver your”Every Door Direct Mail” to just those postal routes.

Be sure to select a direct mail piece that isn’t too small or too large. Popular sizes are 8.5″ x 11″ for postcards and 11″ x 17″ for folded brochures. You may want assistance from your local printing professional until you get the hang of the system before you fully take charge of your USPS “Every Door Direct Mail” program. The paperwork needs to be submitted in a specific way and your postcards or brochures need to be printed and bundled according to specs. But there is no reason you can’t handle it yourself after a while if you prefer to do these things yourself. The cash savings and added effectiveness will make it well worth it.

Bruce Binenfeld owns Cloud 8 Printing and Marketing in Columbus, OH. You can reach him at Cloud 8 Printing and Marketing services clients in Ohio and throughout the USA and offers Every Door Direct Mail solutions and other business printing services for all types of businesses.

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