Using Trade Show Displays For Company Lead Generation

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It is no secret that companies from all over the world travel to a multitude of industry events each and every year, just to get a piece of the marketing action. Trade show displays are a great way in which to develop lead generation from thousands of individual buyers or companies, all at one time. But what are some ways to utilize exhibits to work as marketing agents for a corporation, producing more leads and, in turn, more revenue?

Understand The Exhibition Audience, First

Before thinking of a marketing development strategy, designing a trade show stand or even choosing to enter an exhibition, it is important to first know and understand the attending audience. Will they be company owners or salespersons that are attending? Maybe they are technology gurus interested in your trade show display graphics, or perhaps they have paid top dollar to check out new ways in which to purchase smartphone apps? How many individuals will be attending, and what are they all seeking from their attendance?

These are all important questions to consider prior to moving forward with any type of mass marketing plan. After these questions have been answered it is then time to move on to the designs for your modular exhibits and pop up displays.

Trade Show Displays That Are Show-Stoppers

After creating a budget, research some of the most interesting and intriguing trade show stands of the present time. As designs, graphics, materials and ideas are always progressing, there may be a new and improved version of an exhibit that has been used before. The stand or pop up display should grab the audience’s attention, with functions such as lighting, video and photographs. Oftentimes, half the battle of obtaining leads at an event is getting the attendees to come over to your booth and experience what you have to offer firsthand.

After an amazing design concept is on its way to being built, the next step is to provide visitors with marketing materials: information and giveaways that will entice them to call, visit the company’s website, read up on the company further, and eventually purchase services or products.

Create A Social Buzz About The Display

Whether a business chooses to exhibit with a pop up display, a table top display or a customized full-size exhibit, it is important to create a social buzz about what the company will have to offer. Perhaps your business is planning to give away free items or services in exchange for visiting the booth. There are very few individuals that will not appreciate free stuff.

Marketing to companies that may already need the product or service being sold is another great way in which to create notable interest. The more potential buyers that are seeking out a company prior to the event taking place, the more leads the display itself will generate. Following these simple steps will assist any company in taking their lead generation via trade show displays up to the next level.

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