Using Trade Show Displays For An Effective Product Launch

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When your company launches a new product, whether it’s the next big thing in techno-gadgets or a better tool for slicing tomatoes, the right launch platform is essential to your long-term success. No matter how great your new item is, if you don’t get the word out and get it in front of potential customers, it could fail. One of the most important arenas for a strong launch is an industry event or convention. With the right displays, you can create intense buzz about your product that will spread like wildfire not only through other trade show exhibits, but throughout industry forums and by word of mouth as well.

Promoting your latest toy, tool or gadget with interesting trade show exhibits is the right place to start, but before you order new banner stands or tell your marketing department to order new exhibits, be sure you know exactly how you want to present your new product or service. There are several ways you can use graphics, photography and print to capture the right look and feel for trade show exhibits that will resonate with potential customers and industry leaders.

Before And After Comparison

People love trade show displays that clearly illustrate Before and After images. You could have two banner stands on display, with one illustrating a mangled tomato that someone attempted to slice with a regular knife. The other banner would have an image of a perfectly sliced, mouth-watering tomato. This is just one example. You could also use Then and Now pictures to explain the advantages of your new product. Perhaps you have a new water softener system. A bulleted list of water problems consumers might have faced before using your water softener, such as lime scale build-up, scratchy clothing and dry skin, could provide a stark contrast to the many advantages, such as cleaner drinking water, less detergent use and softer skin. To highlight the contrast, consider using black and white images for the Before and Then images, then use bold graphics with lots of color for the Now and After photos.

Hands-On Demonstrations

The best way to launch a successful product or service is to demonstrate it as often as possible. Trade show displays featuring how-to demonstrations always draw bigger crowds at conventions and industry events. The hands-on approach to merchandising or promotions is successful because it draws potential customers in and gives them the opportunity to truly understand what you’re offering. Once they’ve given it a try, they are far more likely to commit to a sale. They’ve become part of the process rather than being a mere observer.

Reinforce Demonstrations Visually With Banner Stands

To underline the simplicity of a demonstration or outline how something works, you can reinforce it with a set of banner stands clearly displaying each step in the process of using your product or service. People prefer simple instructions and clear diagrams; if you can fit these on a set of banner stands or other elements of your exhibits, you can be sure those potential customers will soon be trying out what you have to offer.

Give Away Samples

If you have a great product that you can give away in a sample size or sample portion, order lots of them to give away at trade show displays. Nothing tempts potential customers like the idea of getting something great for nothing. It’s human nature, and once they’ve tried it and discovered how great it really is, they’ll be back for more and they’ll be willing to pay this time.

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