Using the Internet to Find a Great Catalog Printer

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With the internet at your fingertips, you have access to a level and scope of information that didn’t exist 10 or 15 years ago. Sourcing a great catalog printer should be fairly easy in theory, but in practice the task can seem somewhat overwhelming.

However, if you’re prepared to put in a certain amount of time and effort now, you will certainly come to appreciate the difference it will make in the future. You’ll get superb printing results and pay far less than you previously thought possible.

Use Your Search Engine

I just typed cheap catalog printing into Google, my search engine of choice. And it came back at me with well in excess of two million results! Like me, you’re a busy person, and life’s just too short to think about giving any further thought to most of these. My advice is to focus on the first 10 results or maybe 20 if you’re feeling the need to be especially thorough. These all relate to companies that have already shown sufficient determination and resources to ensure their place high up in the search results. But that in itself isn’t enough to award them your business.

Narrowing Things Down a Little

Carry out a price comparison on your chosen 10 or 20 companies. Each catalog printer will have their own automatic quotation page, where you can quickly select the specifications for your project, such as number of pages, size, paper, color options and quantity. This exercise will quickly show you that there are plenty of companies out there charging way over the odds, simply relying on the fact that people won’t bother to check out the range of competition. Based on your price findings, select a few companies to research at a deeper level. Next we’re going to check out whether each catalog printer lives up to their promise.

Checking the Standard of Work

Phone each of your shortlisted companies. Are you impressed with how quickly they answer and how soon it is before you get to speak to someone knowledgeable? Do they seem genuinely interested in your project or are you just another routine job to them? You’re checking out their customer service credentials here, because further down the line this attention to detail will be extremely important to you. Ask for a free pack of samples, and when these arrive, compare them. Which catalog printer seems to have the highest quality threshold and production values?

Coming to a Decision

Now it’s time to choose one catalog printer to carry out your work, and you should base your decision on a combination of factors such as price, quality and customer service. It may have taken a few hours’ work, but you can now have confidence that you’re getting the best value and quality possible.

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