Using Six Sigma Methods to Enhance Project Management

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Business owners normally do not start their companies with the intention of staying a small operation. Most of them think about expanding. Even if they are not considering expanding, all business owners are interested in improving the quality of their management, their employees, the level of production. The overall satisfaction with the company by shareholders, customers and employees alike will all need to be great in order for success. When incorporating the Six Sigma quality improvement methods, and hiring a qualified Black Belt professional to lead the way, business owners can expect to see improvement in the overall quality of the products and/or services.

The Black Belt professional that will lead the team during the project management quality improvement process will be qualified to utilize the Six Sigma models, working with the company executives to meet their specific goals.

Often projects must be designed in a very focused and narrow way. This happens when there are several aspects of the company that need improvement, such as customer service, employee satisfaction and productivity rate. The goal of the 6Sigma professionals, working as a team with the company executives, is to work together to define the problem area and search for logical and possible resolutions. All ideas for improvement should be considered.

Black Belts professionals will work closely with the executives to get the intended results of the plan and will follow up to make sure changes that are made are helping the company. At times, they may spot areas where more focus could have been utilized and will continue working with the executives of the company until the process is perfect. If they are unable to perfect the process, Six Sigma professionals will notify business owners that further changes need to be made.

Project management is about leadership skills. The Black Belt professional leading the project, with a focus of increasing quality in general areas of the company, will be highly skilled in this area. They have the knowledge about 6 Sigma models that they need to lead with confidence and get accurate results. Project implementation will be closely monitored by this professional.

As the project is in progress, the Black Belt professional will act as a support structure for all of the team members, providing the framework and guidance to make sure the plan goes smoothly. It is vital to the success of the Six Sigma project for the team to work as a solid, functional unit, seeing the project through from beginning to end, analyzing results and making changes where they are necessary.

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