Using Scent To Enhance Your Trade Show Displays

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Smart marketers know that the sense of smell is an important one. Using scent carefully and purposefully can help drive purchases and create a great impression of your company when an attendee visits your trade show booth. Although many companies know they should include scent into their displays, they’re lost when it comes to actually choosing a smell and including it in their trade show exhibits. Consider how each scent can affect your visitors and choose the one that best matches your company’s booth and your desired outcome.

Citrus Can Encourage People To Stay Longer

Citrus smells, such lemon, lime and orange have a fresh clean smell that actually encourages visitors to linger in your trade show booth, but it also increases alertness. This means that your visitors will stick around your trade show displays, but that they’ll also pay attention to what message your display is conveying.

Peppermint Acts As A Mental Stimulant

Minty smells, like peppermint, spearmint or cinnamon act as a mental stimulant. Studies have shown that mint improves performance on speed and accuracy tasks, as well as lowers fatigue. A peppermint smell might help your employees more than your visitors, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be included in your trade show exhibits.

Drive Traffic With Food

It’s not uncommon for exhibitors of displays to use freshly baked goods to help drive traffic to their booths. Some of the most common food items are things like freshly baked cookies or brownies. It’s possible to find a small, portable oven to bake goods while you’re at the event to ensure the smell wafts across the venue.

However, many companies know the value of freshly baked treats, meaning the venue might be overrun with the smells of vanilla, eggs, sugar and butter. If it’s appropriate for your business, consider a different type of cooking scent. If your business works with kitchen equipment, consider having a chef sauté garlic, onions or other savory ingredients. Just take care to avoid something that’s extremely pungent, such as fish, to keep on good terms with your neighbors at the event.

How To Include Smells In Your Trade Show Displays

There are plenty of ways to include scents in your booths. Be careful to avoid burning candles – although they let off a great scent, burning candles are considered a fire hazard and typically not allowed in a venue that hosts trade show displays. If baking cookies isn’t an option, consider a vanilla scented electric air freshener. There are a number of other ways to insert smells into your display, including potpourri, freshly cut citrus in strategically placed bowls, vehicle air fresheners and more.

Smell is an important memory trigger so, if possible, hand out promotional giveaways that are scented. If you used citrus in your exhibit, consider sending attendees home with a citrus scented business card or pencil. As soon as your visitor pulls out your business card, they’ll instantly think of your booth and your company.

Choosing which scents to include alongside your trade show displays isn’t difficult, but it’s a good idea to research what you’d like your desired outcome to be. If you’re looking to energize your staff, keep customers at your display longer, or want to entice visitors to come to your display, consider adding some strategically placed scents to help.

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