Using Every Door Direct Mail Postcards For Advertising

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The Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Program has introduced a new outlet for business owners to advertise in their local communities. There are many great flyer and postcard options available. The best way to utilize these materials to their fullest is to understand your audience and know what offer you want to present.

The larger postcard size (8.5×11) is commonly used for informational purposes. Just like a flyer is used to present a company’s products and offerings, a large postcard serves the same purpose. Use this postcard when trying to offer information about your company and what it does. This is the way to get your name into the homes of your prospective customers. Also with this size you can provide a few great coupon offers such as presenting a discount for new customers or a free consultation on a service.

The smaller postcards (6.25×9 and 4.25×11) are great for one big offer because they are smaller so keeping the content straight to the point will prevent clutter on the card. These would be ideal for a “Grand Opening” mailer to present yourself to new customers in your area!

Current EDDM customers have received great responses for their mailers causing this program to sky rocket into being one of the best tools to use to mail your offers directly to customers. Direct saturation mail may be broad but if you have an offer that applies to the general public need then it definitely does not hurt to get into a few extra houses who don’t need your services in hopes to get referrals!

These postcards should be designed to capture the attention of your customers and stand out in the mail. They are already larger than standard postcards and envelopes so there should be no problem for your customers to see your offers!

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