Using Billboards and Other Signage to Promote Your Business

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We see them everyday on our commutes to and from work. We see them when we go to do our shopping on the weekends. They are always there gently prodding us to remember a certain product or service. When it comes to how to advertise your business offline, one would do well to remember the time old and honored tradition of using billboards and signage to promote their business.

If one were to sit back and ask why so many businesses continue to promote their products and services today via a wide variety of billboards strategically positioned along our roadways, the simple answer would be obvious; because it works! It is easy to become myopic in today’s world of the Internet and to begin to think that everything has shifted to finding everything online, but the facts are that this is just not the case. A huge amount of advertising dollars are still directed towards more conventional means of advertising such as television, radio, newspaper and magazine ads, billboards and the ever important signage on our buildings that is so closely related to overall branding efforts.

With many options for how to advertise your business offline, one can look at the holistic approach used by one local law firm in a major metropolitan area. Using the mix of television, radio, print media and roadside billboards, the Law Offices of Sam Bernstein have promoted the slogan “Just Call Sam” to such an extent that they have saturated the market with this simple yet highly recognizable phrase. This phrase is now on the lips of almost everyone in the area. In addition, the promotions have all included a picture of Sam Bernstein so there is also significant face recognition with the phrase as well.

Recently billboards have sprung up on the side of the interstate freeways around this major metropolitan area that simply have the following; 1-800-Call-(and a picture of Sam Bernstein). Whether or not this marketing strategy is working for the Law Offices of Sam Bernstein is not the point that is being made here. The point is that the very successful use of conventional advertising methods has created superior brand recognition. The use of billboard advertising over a number of years has also helped to solidify the link between the face and the slogan.

When one wrestles with how to advertise your business offline, brand recognition becomes much easier to promote via visual means like billboards (often directly connected with the actual signage used on the storefront as well). One thing that the Internet does not do a very good job of today is the association of trademarks with the search engine results – there is no real visual connection between the customized branding that is often used for a company and the search results. Just do a Google search for “Ford” and see what you get. You will not see their famous blue oval anywhere on the search page. Drive past a Ford dealer’s billboard and you will see the famous blue oval almost every time.

Companies continue to use offline advertising to promote visual associations between trademarks and the company’s products and services that are just not possible on some parts of the Internet today. If you are serious about branding your business, then you would be well advised to look into using offline advertising methods like billboards and signage.

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