Using a Trade Show Pop Up Exhibit As a Creative Marketing Idea

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A very good creative marketing idea is to use a pop up exhibit as a central component of your trade show booth. While it is true that there are many other displays that use the pop up, it is not that difficult to create a totally unique display on a budget.

By making use of a standard, modular design, you will save yourself a great deal of time and money. Not only will your budget be more manageable, but the outcome will quite possibly be superior to something you created entirely on your own.

Quality trade show designs can be accomplished by making use of the expertise that the suppliers offer. A good company offers assistance in developing your marketing strategy in conjunction with the tabletop or pop up display.

Because the library of designs is as extensive as it is, companies can choose a basic design and work with the supplier to customize it to meet their own particular needs. Color choices, logos, branding and the overall look and feel can all be integrated as a comprehensive whole, rather than a piecemeal approach.

The pop up exhibit is particularly appealing because it has so many variations and is so easy to modify. The use of a fabric display in the pop up is quite effective and very versatile. Nearly any aluminum frame that you can create can be covered with fabric, the possibilities are almost endless.

With the improvements in printing technology it is common to have stunning graphic displays on the fabric. Rich gradient coloring, together with special booth lighting can accentuate your exhibit and be a real crowd pleaser.

Another advantage of the pop up is its portability and ease of storage and setup. The portable display makes it possible to move the components and change the presentation in a way that meets the changing mood or need of the visitors.

Even the cases can be used as part of the exhibit, which saves more space and money. With floor space at a premium, it is crucial to consider how to maximize every aspect of the display. A well thought out booth has no wasted space, energy or other resources.

One of the best ways to get ideas is to visit trade shows that are in other industries than your own. This is always a refreshing exposure to new and different ideas. Because people tend to imitate others who are perceived as successful, it is very critical to think outside the box in order to stand out in the sea of sameness.

Overall, the pop up exhibit has many excellent characteristics that make it a good starting point for a successful trade show exhibit. With some serious planning, communication and coordination you will have a display that you can be proud of and that will attract visitors.

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