Using a Six Sigma Outlook or Approach to Business

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There are many issues that affect businesses in a round-about negative way that make executives confused about the real issues in the way of their success. They may feel as if they are giving their employees incentives and encouraging feedback but still continue to see no difference in the productivity or job satisfaction.

At times, companies will hire someone who has experience as a Black Belt Six Sigma professional or a Green Belt, which is just below the Black in the Six Sigma levels as a consultant. The Black Belt professional knows the ins and outs of the 6 Sigma methods and will use this knowledge to create a plan of action for the company. They will put together a team of other certified professionals, usually a mix of Green Belt and Yellow Belt individuals, and design a project that will take the company from discovering the root of the issue to a successful completion of change. Six Sigma professionals continue to monitor company progress after the project has been completed; compiling data on the results to make sure the project was a true success, and that the root cause of the problem has truly been solved. A Six Sigma Project is only a true success when the change is long-lasting and has a positive effect on the quality of the company’s products and or services.

The Black Belt in charge will generally use professionals he or she has worked with before. This way, they are familiar with what that particular person is capable of, what they are good at and how to best use their skills and talents to benefit the company. They will each analyze the areas within the business that the executives are concerned about. They often quickly discover what is causing the problem, and can report back with confidence and a plan of action. Businesses tend to have reoccurring problems, and often, there are industry-specific problems that are common throughout various industries. The professionals who have worked in that industry have the kind of experience and knowledge to spot mistakes and obstacles that could prevent the company from being successful. Most obstacles can be overcome when professionals expose the issue to the executives, who can then make recommended changes to work around them.

Taking a Six Sigma approach to business is simply analyzing it in-depth to find the root of problems that might be affecting product or service quality. Businesses cannot survive when they have long-standing problems or underlying issues that keep arising and disrupting the normal flow of business. It is imperative to the survival of the company that these issues be discovered and fixed as quickly as possible.

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