Use Your Existing Marketing Collateral to Plan Your Website

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As you get ready to plan to create your new website or redesign an existing one, a good place to start is by reviewing the existing marketing collateral your business already uses. This is just one of a series of checkpoints which will guide you to a practical and profitable marketing message for your website.

Your website should consistently reflect the look and feel and message of your current marketing collateral. Much of the content of your existing marketing collateral could be the bulk of your website content as well.

Examples of current marketing collateral:

  • company tagline
  • brochures
  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • banners and signs
  • current advertising material

These marketing materials help your web designer to understand you, your business, and business goals better. It is also an opportunity to review all of your marketing materials to see if you are painting a consistent picture for your perfect prospects.

  • Does it have a color theme?
  • Is there a particular font that represents your business?
  • Does your copy consistently display your personality?
  • Is repeated information presented consistently?

For instance, if you use a block of contact information, is it presented in the same format and font every time you use it? These colors, fonts, and blocks of information can be used as the basis for your website colors and look and feel.

Your website is going to be the first view many folks have of your business. If they don’t see a consistent personality in your marketing materials, it’s confusing, even if it’s unconscious. This ties back to your company’s personality: know it, emphasize it.

This could be the perfect time to update all your existing marketing collateral, including your website, so as to present a consistent message across the board. You certainly don’t want your website to be in bright, vivid, primary colors and then all the rest of your marketing collateral in pastel shades. You may find the need to update your current marketing collateral and add to your marketing strategies with online tools on your website.

Online marketing tools can include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook business page
  • LinkedIn company page
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Choosing the best online marketing tools for your website depends on knowing the basic goals of your website. That will be discussed in another article in this website planning series.

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