Use Rack Cards to Increase Awareness of Your Tourist Based Business

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Businesses that offer activities and attractions that appeal to tourists should always have a well crafted rack card. A well designed rack card can create interest and awareness among the customer base. They are typically printed on a 4″ x 9″ piece of thick card stock. This size card allows the literature to fit into displays that are typically found in hotels, motels, visitor centers, convention centers, restaurants, and anywhere else out of town guests can typically be found. The display of rack cards allows tourists to easily browse through the variety of attractions and activities that are available in a surrounding area.

Important Elements To Include:

1. Name of Attraction – This is the opportunity to help build brand awareness and establish an identity with the customer.

2. Photos – A traveler looking at a display rack chock full of promotional literature will not gravitate toward a marketing piece that is full of lengthy paragraphs. Rather they want to see how much fun they can have, or how much they can learn. A professional photograph should be used to help capture a feeling that will entice the customer.

3. Method of Contact – If a customer has a question or concern, what is the preferred method of contact? It may be phone, website, email address, or all of the above.

4. Map – Out of town guests are generally not familiar with the lay of the land. It is important to give them an idea of the location of the attraction. This can be achieved by incorporating a simple map showing major cross streets. The same affect can be attained by referencing the distance from landmarks they may be aware of such as the airport and the downtown business center.

Regardless of the size of the attraction, rack cards are a fundamental tool for promoting any business that wants to attract travelers.

Rack cards can be professionally printed on thick card stock, perfect for displays in hotels, motels, and restaurants. Combining a rack card promotion with printed door hangers and color brochure printing services will ensure you capture traveler’s attention in a variety of different methods.

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