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Branding your business is the process of making a product or service synonymous with your company name. For example, when someone says shoes you can automatically think of four or five major brands or companies that offer shoes. This should be one of your major goals in your company. Whether you swell shoes or charcoal grills you will want the customer to hears your name and immediately know what you offer or the service you provide. One way to brand your company is by giving out promotional gifts and products to current and prospective customers. Promotional lighters are one such item that can help you with this process.

How Can Promotional Lighters Help Your Business

A large number of people carry lighters on a regular basis. Whether people smoke or just need a way to start a fire lighters are the easiest way to have an instant spark. They are much easier to carry and more durable than matches. By printing or engraving your company logo or tagline on the lighter it will work as an advertising and branding device for your company. Every time the lighter is used it is a constant reminder of who your company is and what you offer or do. Whether it is your customer or someone else who sees the promotional lighter you are working on branding your business with every use.

Three Types of Promotional Lighters

There are three main types of promotional lighters that you can purchase and give away.

– Zippo Lighters: Zippo lighters are made from hard metal or plastic. These lighters can be refilled and used for years to come. However, Zippo lighters are the most expensive type you can purchase. If you want to advertise with promotional lighters for years to come Zippo lighters are the right choice.

– Refillable Butane Lighters: Refillable butane lighters are made from a variety of substances and are known for the many styles and colors available for purchase. These lighters are in the middle price range and traditionally last longer than disposables but not as long as a Zippo.

– Disposable Lighters: Disposable lighters are usually made from a hard plastic. They may be see through or a solid color. Of all the lighter choices disposable lighters are the cheapest. In addition, it is usually very inexpensive to print you company tagline or logo on the promotional lighter.

Options Available for Promotional Lighters

Lighters are excellent products for companies that deal with fire or combustible materials. However, with the proper advertising campaign lighters can be used by any business. For example, if you create a tag line that says Our Shoes are too hot to handle, a lighter could be the perfect promotional item to give away. Consider the tagline or phrase you use when giving out these lighters carefully. You will want something that is memorable and grabs attention for your business. If you design your promotional lighters correctly, branding your business should be an easy and quick process that requires little effort.

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