Use Printed Photo Books to Market Your Business

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Who doesn’t like a good photo? Better yet are great photos that show your business in a positive light. Chances are if you own your own business you are also eager to show off your business in the best way possible. One way to do this is to take pictures of an aspect of your business (or have a pro take them) and then use the pictures to create a professional looking photo book that you can use to successfully market your business.

The possibilities are endless and you can be really creative with your approach. Do you own a bakery? Take pictures of that wedding cake being created, from mixing the ingredients to decorating the cake. Don’t stop there. Finish with a picture of the happy bride and groom cutting the cake and smiling into the camera. Add some text to the page to indicate cake sizes and price and you have something that tells a story and creates some emotion. The finished book is a professional looking marketing tool. This is so much better than looking at a picture of a generic wedding cake encased in a protective sleeve that you slide across your counter as a sales tool.

Are cupcakes your specialty? Take pictures of them being decorated in creative ways and ask to take pictures when they are handed out. It is always easy to use your own family in the photos. A pre school birthday party, a baby shower or a family member’s office gathering provide a great opportunity for this project. Take pictures of the smiles and enjoyment and showcase these pictures in a small photo book that you can leave on display at your business. Let the event sell the product.

Are you fundraising? Have someone take pictures at your event and then you can make a small photo book that can be given to each of the sponsors as a thank you gift. The cost is minimal, the returns immense.

Printed photo books are a great way to tell your story and to get others to take notice of what you have to offer.

Jillian Paulson is the owner of Out of the Shoebox a site devoted to creating photobooks to preserve family memories. Jillian is passionate about the need to get photographs out of storage boxes or off of computer hard drives and putting them into archival quality photo books that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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