Use Outsourced Telemarketing To Cover The Vulnerability Of Your Janitorial Website

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Like many other businesses, janitorial companies use websites too. Setting up a website doesn’t look as expensive compared to other marketing strategies. Besides, commercial cleaning services are more or less a staple in any business establishment so there aren’t any concerns as far as demand goes. An internet presence only goes to extend the overall presence of your business.

However, you’re not the only one who thinks that way. Your competitors aren’t blind to the opportunities found in website marketing. Still, you’re not worried. There will always be some form of competition when it comes to using any marketing tool. Things like SEO, website advertising, and social media linking are just some of the tactics you’re willing to learn.

The real problem is with the security of your website. If you’re knowledgeable about online marketing methods, then you should also be knowledgeable about the threats your website faces everyday. Forget spammers clogging your blog comments and inboxes. Your website is always vulnerable to hackers out there as well as looming threats of circulating viruses. At times, no amount of security programs and standard procedures is enough. You need to know how to keep business going even in the event that your website is attacked and brought down.

So, what can you do to keep business going?

These days, some people are noting the heavy dependence people have on the internet. And in their opinion, it’s not healthy. On the other hand, they have a point when they say you have to go back to the basics sometimes. The vulnerabilities of your website should tell you that the internet won’t always be there. You have to reach prospects by any means necessary if you want a steady flow of janitorial leads to turn into a steady flow of sales.

Still, there are additional costs to consider which is why whatever these alternatives might be, you should try outsourcing them. A popular alternative is telemarketing because businesses today still use the phone as much as they use email and social media in order to communicate.

There’s no questioning that battling for online dominance is quite the marketing feat. That doesn’t mean you should just limit yourself to the internet when it comes to connecting with prospects. When all else fails, there will be times when people have to look away from their computers and contact you the old-fashioned way. Try outsourcing telemarketing companies for such emergencies.

And who knows? You may be surprised at how many people would rather give you a call than send you an email. It’s not like a website marketing doesn’t come with its own flaws. Some business owners would think your site doesn’t give enough of the necessary information. They might think inquiries would go faster if they just give your business a call. While at the same time, they get the answers they’re looking for.

You don’t have to forget about maintaining your website. This simply means you should use something like telemarketing in case the worst has happened and you need to keep business going.

Camille Thompson works as a senior marketing analyst, specializing in lead generation and appointment setting for the commercial cleaning industry. She is inviting you to visit to learn more information.

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