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Supply chain management software takes a lot of work to create and then further develop. With features ranging from managing inventory to processing order purchases, complexity is a guarantee. And given the already complex nature of software engineering itself, it won’t be surprising the companies like yours have focus all your resources and attention to your product.

This is actually quite admirable because it’s only common sense to say that the more complicated something is, the higher the chances of something going wrong. Nobody can blame you and your people from spending most of your time inside the workshop. However, all that effort might go to waste if you don’t at least find a way to let people know what you’re making.

Naturally, you and everyone else you work with would want to make a profit out of all the effort you’re doing. What you shouldn’t forget is that it’s still important to draw the interest of people. And these aren’t just any people mind you, these are the people who know your software matters.

In the business world, managing a supply chain network can be hard manual labor in of itself. Those in charge of it need to keep track of their suppliers, the transactions they make, and how their clients are going to get their products. These are the people who need your software. Streamlining tasks and collecting information critical to SCM is a value many company decision makers would pay handsomely for.

However, this might leave you in a dilemma. On one hand, you and all your people are preoccupied in the workshop, making sure your product is well-maintained and constantly improving but on the other hand, you need to get the word out so that you’ll have eager prospects coming up to you.

What you’re describing is simply a question of lead generation and since you’re already aware that SCM software is a B2B product, you would want a method that is more appropriate. Mass advertising can do little when what you need is accuracy.

Telemarketing is one of the most commonly cited means of acquiring B2B leads and for good reasons. The people you’d want to contact aren’t always reachable via media or internet advertising. Like you, they cannot spare too much time or concentration on other things besides work. A professional business call however is one sure-fire way to get their attention.

Many B2B telemarketing services are all about saving companies like yours the trouble that comes with lead generation. Instead of being forced to invest in database, personnel, and not to mention gambling it all with lack of experience, you can count on them to bring clients to your doorstep without ever leaving your workshop.

In fact, if you’re the type who likes using webinars as a means of meeting with qualified prospects, they can have them arrange for those too! The important thing is that they tell everyone about what you’re doing and that you’re out there willing to receive those who could benefit from it.

So what are you waiting for? Contact a software telemarketer today to tell the business world of what you’ve been creating for them.

Claire Hansen works as a marketing communications program manager. She is inviting you to visit to learn more about lead generation and appointment setting for the software industry.

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