Use of Door Hangers for CPA Firms to Improve Business

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Accounting companies are often involved in the preparation of financial statements as provided by law for other registered companies. The preparation of financial records is in most cases done by the internal personnel of the company. Some companies, however, opt for an external and independent company to assist them in this function. This is still not a very common practice because the use of such services is still not very well known. The demand for these services is in most cases very low. The professionals in this field are constantly looking for an effective marketing solution to assist them in marketing their business. Door hangers for CPA firms provide an effective marketing solution to most of these businesses. This is an economical method of advertising, yet it is very effective if applied in the right way

Where to Market

It is not enough to know the most effective method of marketing. Door hangers for CPA firms are effective if used in the right manner. It is a requirement by the law that companies produce their official financial statements within a stipulated period of time. These statements need to be prepared following particular standards. Most companies may not have the personnel with the right kind of skills to handle this work. These accounting companies should have a way of identifying such companies and reaching out to them to show them the kind of services that they can offer them.

What to Include

Door hangers for CPA firms need to have the right information for them to be effective. They need to capture the attention of the potential clients and make them want to get the services from the particular company. The information on these cards therefore needs to be displayed in an attractive manner. The graphics used should be accounting related. The cards may also include names of companies that the company has prepared financial statements for in the past. The cards should have other services that are offered by the company. These may include consultancy and audit services. Most importantly, the cards should contain the contact details of the company. This will make it easier for the potential client to communicate with the company to make an enquiry or request for services.

Distribution strategy

Door hangers for CPA firms will be effective if distributed in the right manner. One of the strategies is to place them on the company premises. This, however, may not be very effective because the card may end up in the hands of the wrong person, or a person not in the decision making position. It is important to do some background checks and locate the houses of company executives. These have the decision making authority and are likely to consider your firm.

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