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The majority of businesses on the planet are lead by poor use of power. People are given power over others by an organisation because of some attribute they have shown along the way and then wield it in an unproductive effort to force a business forward in their own image. Dictators are the worst examples of poor use of power and most do end up with a horrible death. Exercising given power over other people rarely gets the most out of the resources available to you. If you have the rank and can work in a way that you never have to use it you will be a great leader and your company will beat its competition hands down.

Approach a colleague and ask them to help you with an exercise. Ask them to push as hard as they can and you resist as hard as you can. See if you can move them backwards while they are pushing against your hand. If you can do so how does this feel? Has all the energy you are applying together been productively used in your objective to move your colleague two steps back? Now instead ask your colleague if they will move back two steps in return for your help on something they are working on. How does that feel? In most situations the latter is a much more productive use of the resources available and gets much better results. Most business are run in the former way and are surprised when they find out all there energy has been applied internally to keeping them exactly where they were.

Words are amongst the most powerful tools you have available to get other people to work for you or against you. They beat the power of physical force a thousand times in getting your team to go with you. To get people to go with you you must invest some time in understanding what they want. It seems counterintuitive but if you can work out what other people want you will often find you can give a lot of it to them and when you do so they will be an army working for what you want in return. Find out by asking them what they want. Get them to be specific and go beyond ‘rich and happy’ to the specifics in the context of the team that they want to have. Now spend time yourself working out how you can give that to them. You do this also within the context of the business. Think hard because you will find ways. The best outcomes for you and the business is that you give them what they want before or as you ask for their help with what you want. Another approach is to ask them how you could get what you want and use the ideas they suggest.

You have an immense range of powers available to you. Use the ones that motivate others to work hard for you and they will take your business where you want it to go.

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