Unsolicited Advice From a Serial Shopper

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Ok, so here is some unsolicited advice from a serial shopper. I shop all the time! And when I say all the time I mean all the time! I go to the village, Soho, Manhattan, you name it. I love to shop. I love the people, the little coffee shops, the book stores, the whole experience. But what I love most (and the reason why I’m writing in the first place) is the clothing stores, from the big ones like Macys and century 21 to anthropology and banana republic all the way down to places like Lilith and pink loto (both small and awesome little boutiques in Soho!)

It’s just great to drop in rite after a hard days work and see the latest and hottest in fashion. But hear is my question. It may sound simple and don’t laugh at it as you read, but why are there some many stores that work so hard and hire so much creative talent to decorate their stores with funky furniture and modern art but don’t use mannequins? I mean, I know I’m not a professional or anything like that but it doesn’t take a genius to know that the more a person sees when she is shopping and the more it is laid out for her the more likely she is to go ahead and buy something.

I mean, isn’t that the point of display mannequins to begin with? That is why there is a mannequin business altogether. It’s very simple to me. When I go into a store and want to know what’s new the first thing I do is… actually before I go into a store, is look at the display in the window. I see a male of female mannequin all decked out in the latest new stuff then if I like what I see I go in and look at what the other display mannequins are wearing. It saves me so much time! Can you imagine having to go into a store and sift through a million deferent things in order to put together an outfit?

Well you don’t have to unfortunately there are to many stores that don’t understand this simple thing so ill say it again and for all those reading this who understand what I go through make sure to let the little boutique owners know that if we can see how it looks on a female mannequin then we can see how it will look on us, and if we cant then they are making life more difficult for us and that means less money for them.

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