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You’re sitting in your office, wondering what the heck happened as a result of the financial crisis, and now you are worried the problems being created in the economy will cause a problem in your sales. You sit down and try to pen down a new strategy, but it’s useless: there’s no way you can come up with one that can make sense financially. Dejection sets in.

If you are experiencing some kind of depression or worry that your business can’t take off because of the crisis, let me assure you that you are not alone. It’s probably insensitive to say this, but the truth of the matter is you can’t do anything about it. The crisis is a worldwide phenomenon that many governments aren’t even to get a handle on.

In other words, why are you focusing on these problems? Why not pay closer attention to the fact that people still are buying? Sure, there is a fall in the volume of sales. But that’s because you have to respond to market needs. People want to get higher value, and that value can be delivered in many ways including the relationship you have with your client or prospects.

Business rapport is simple: you are going to make yourself study and immerse yourself in the needs of the organization. However, what you must be doing with this is understanding their organization and direction far more than the owners understand it themselves. In many cases, the ability to build rapport stems from the simple idea of similarity. Psychological research has shown that people with similar circumstances establish rapport faster than those who don’t. Similar states create psychological familiarity and that opens up trust.

Make yourself similar in ways that are not condescending. Appreciate their concerns but don’t fall into the trap of being led by the nose by them. After all, your position is not just to be like them – your job is to influence them to achieve your sales and business goals. In other words, you can create similarity in many situations – the topic of discussion, the experiences you’ve had, even down to your mannerisms and behavior – but that’s only half the equation. Effective rapport really goes down to understanding similarity in values and beliefs, and knowing how to subordinate a weaker one for a stronger direction. Therefore, you can match someone, but it’s the ultimate goal in rapport for you to lead someone. If you understand their values, you can effectively align them so that it brings out the best in their organization as well, leading to an upward spiral of success.

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