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When you hear the words UnCommon Leadership, what comes to mind?

Most of the time when we ask that question, people turn their mind’s eye toward someone who has stood out for them as a leader. These leaders have been “uncommon” in their approach through a variety of ways. Intentional focus is always one of them, knowing where they are and where their goal is. I believe most people would agree that what you are able to create in your life starts with understanding what it is you want! First you must understand where you want to go. Then you can begin to plan for how you will get there, and what other goals you want to accomplish along that journey to your ultimate destination.

When Alice in Alice In Wonderland asked the Mad Hatter which road she should take, his answer was a question: “Where do you want to go?” When her answer was that she didn’t care, his response was that any of the choices would do just fine. Once you have a destination or an end goal in mind, the many questions that must be answered from that point on become clearer, as do your choices along the way. If you have no destination, it hardly matters which direction you take: “Wherever” lies in every direction! Once you have your destination in mind, you can choose your style of leadership, or how you want to get to your final destination.

The model of leadership we believe in is called Servant Leadership. No matter your faith or beliefs, if you should study the life of Christ, you will see His intentional focus: I have come to serve not to be served. This is where we believe our focus and intentional efforts should be–on serving others on their journey of growth and development. Matthew Kelly, author of The Dream Manager has this approach summed up this way: “If you are asking others to help you build your dreams, don’t you think you should know what their dreams are and help them build theirs?”

What are you intentional about today? Are you like Alice and not sure where it is you want to go? It’s never too late to figure out your destination and the manner in which you will get there, and our belief is that if you get focused and get intentional, the destination will begin to reveal itself to you.

Ed Chaffin, ACC, Senior Consultant, brings over 30 years of experience in start-up companies, executive leadership, and sales leadership to The Human Capital Group Inc. http://www.humancapitalgroupinc.com. Ed’s passion is helping others invest in themselves, their teams, and their organizations. The creator of the UnCommon Leadership® brand, Ed Chaffin writes and speaks to groups around the country on the topic of leadership. Ed believes that everyone can become an UnCommon Leader and make a difference by helping to change the world one person at a time! Sign up for our newsletter or contact us at http://www.humancapitalgroupinc.com/contact-our-team.html today!

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