Types of Branding Identity – Using Hair Salon Logos and Bakery Logo As Examples

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There are several different types of logo designs. The following are some of the more popular basic types that you may encounter.

One of the more popular types of logo designs is the symbol. The symbol is a recognizable icon which represents a business. A very popular example is the apple symbol for Apple Computers. The brand recognition for Apple Computers is so great that many people will recognize this brand without the help of any words. A couple more examples of popular symbols are the Nike “swoosh” and the “target” for the retail store by the same name.

A word mark is a popular type of logo design, which uses a stylized font for the name of the business, without any symbols. The IBM word mark is very well known with distinctive lines running through the letters. An example of popular hair salon logos which use a word mark are the hair product lines “Bed Head” and “Aveda.” The stylized fonts of these word marks make these identities unique.

Another type of logo is the combination. This type of identity uses the combination of a symbol as well as a font. A great example of a bakery logo, or food company identity, is the brand identity for Betty Crocker. This combination logo uses a spoon as well as a font with the name “Betty Crocker.” Another popular example of a combination icon is the Bank of America brand identity which use a font in combination with an abstract flag icon.

Not one type of logo is necessarily better than the other. It all depends on what communicates your business the best. When designing a brand identity for your business, feel free to explore different possibilities.

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