Tri Fold Brochure Design

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Tri fold brochures provides a good medium for your marketing campaigns. If you are planning to showcase the brochures in a detailed manner then it is an excellent option. It comes with six panels to explore the copy in detail. It gives you best possible solutions for any concept you have in your mind.

Once you have decided to go with it remember to select a professional brochure design. You could hire a professional graphic designer for your work. The cost depends on many factors & also with the designing firms. There are companies offering tri fold brochure templates which is cheaper & cost effective but that is not the best option it is always better to get a custom tri fold brochure according to various designing requirements like logo etc to match your business. Most often business houses & companies uses tri fold brochures as summary of their products & services.

It looks good with full color design on front and back. Evaluate the size for your particular needs. With tri fold brochure the printing cost will increase significantly but considering the information the brochures caries cost becomes affordable. So printing is a challenging task with every fold it comes with the task becomes difficult. Just take the note of the following points while designing brochures.

Purpose of Brochure

Always decide the purpose of brochure beforehand. This will help you in deciding the factors to include in the brochure.


It can be use for multi purpose like discount coupon or promotion offer.
It can also contains various forms like product survey to know about the customer more.


Layout of the brochure forms the most vital element the copy has to proper display to the end user. Layout is the most important part since it will keep the readers interested in your brochure.


Colors forms an important part where your brochures stand out it brings your design to life & are presentable. Thus brochures forms an important form of communication which reflects the company’s services in an organized format. So choose the suitable tri fold brochure design according to your budget.

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