Transform Your Blog Into a Money Maker Through the Use of Affiliate Marketing

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Let’s say you have an online blog, which you would like to earn money from. What is the best way to do that, you wonder?

Well, the first thing a potential money-maker should look into is a suitable affiliate marketing service to apply to. If they accept you (of course they will, they want to make money), they will provide a list of companies whose advertisements you can put on your site. The ads will often be in the form of banners based on JavaScript. Banners can show everything from just a picture with some text to a short video featuring a brand or product.

You, the blog owner with the ads on your site can make money in a number of ways from this, depending on the advertising company. The most common method is “PPS” (pay per sale). As the name suggests, the company pays you a certain amount of money per sale your ads lead to. It can be a set payment per sale or a percentage of the profit from the sale. Another common compensation method is “PPA” (pay per action). It’s very similar to PPS – the only exception is that the action in question doesn’t have to be a sale. It might as well be a subscription to a newsletter or the like. Some pay you per click. That’s called “PPC”.

The most profitable one for you as the publisher is usually PPS, especially if the payment is based on a percentage of the sale. If the sale is a large one, you can make quite the profit from it.

That brings me to the next segment of this article. You might have to settle for some small companies at the beginning, but when you get your site going, companies are going to want their ads on it – especially if it’s a popular site. Here’s where you have to pick the companies you choose to advertise with care.

You want a company that you believe will actually be able to attract potential customers. That is what you are depending on after all. You want to make money. It might be a good idea to do some research on the companies you are thinking about publishing ads for. Do they have a firmly established business? Does their website look professional? Have you heard of the company before (Might give you a hint about the popularity of the company)? Would you use the company’s service or buy something from them? Ask a friend if they would buy something from the company in question. The customer knows best after all.

If you feel you have done all this, you are probably all set up to start making money!

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