Transactional Mail Versus E-Mail

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Technology not only changes the way we approach our everyday lives’, it also shapes the way in which businesses operate and function. As technology paves the way for more up to date business methods and strategies, we see many older techniques becoming extinct. We see this through the ongoing battle between transactional mail and e-mail.

This article looks at both direct mailing and email, to see which one is most effective in today’s ever changing business landscape. In order to judge the success of both transactional mail and e-mail we need to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Transactional Mail

Transactional mail, or direct mail, has been a popular marketing and sales strategy for businesses for many, many years. The main advantage of direct mail is that it is a physical document that has to be handled. As with e-mail, the most important factors of successful transactional mail is to have a well presented, easy to follow message. This should be targeted at your businesses key market. In the past this kind of mail was regarded as “junk” and often achieved very little before being thrown away with the rubbish. However, as spam emails populate our inboxes; transactional mailing has seen growth and increase within return of sales.


With more and more people worldwide gaining access to the internet, email has quickly become the main method of mailing. With services such a online banking, online billing and online shopping, it is easy to see why many choose the convenience and efficiency of online services. For many businesses email marketing is fast outgrowing traditional transactional mailing methods. The main advantages of email marketing are its efficiency. In only a few clicks, thousands of potential customers and clients can be targeted with your message and sale. However, as mentioned above, these kinds of email are regarded by many as spam and often get filtered straight into junk mail folders and deleted without the user ever laying eyes on them.

In terms of revenue produced by each method, it is surprising to see that transactional mail actually returns the higher percentage. This could be seen as a result of the growth of email. As more and more latch onto email marketing those still practicing direct mailing find they are no longer competing with such a large number of competitors. As a result there are fewer letters through each letterbox, leading to a greater chance of being read and progressing further into a sale.

To conclude the success of transactional mail and email is really down to your businesses target market. This is a core factor that should always be considered before implementing either marketing strategy. Through extensive market research, a business will be able to identify which kind of mailing will best suit their services and product. For some email may achieve a greater return of revenue and in other cases direct mail may be the more successful option. However, many businesses are finding that a mixture of both strategies can work extremely effectively, helping to target both kinds of customer.

Peter Grant has been apart of the financial advice industry for over 10 years. He runs his own transactional mailing company and enjoys sharing his experiences and advice by writing articles online.

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