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Trade show display rental solutions come in the form of a company that can address all your exhibit and showcase needs. Many businesses these days need to advertise in order to capture the attention and interest of clients. These exhibitions are usually held in halls and centers that rent out their spaces to businesses that need to show their products and services. Clients can rent or buy the stands and kiosks that will be made to order for them by the firm. The option to rent is usually reserved for designs that follow a basic principle that can be altered a little by adding additional work according to the specs of the client. For those who wish to buy the work, they can specify the size and designs and these will be made to order. These will be unique and will be delivered to the company once everything is finished. It is advisable to order a month or so before.


For many clients, the design of their kiosk or showcase needs to follow the basic design that their company has had for their logo and advertising needs. The trade show display rental or order usually comes a good way before the time that it is needed. This should give the firm the necessary time to produce it according to the specs of the client. The basic kiosk design is a small one that can be done with minimum time and supervision. Inlines is the term used for showcases that follow a specific measurement, usually 10×10, 10×20 or larger. In most cases, there is a background which can depict the basic concept of the company and one or more tables and chairs to entertain possible clients. There are also what are called Islands which follow the basic space but usually have no background. These are open exhibits that have several shelves or table which carry the basic concept of the business. The trade show display rental or order under this heading might also have a hanging sign and several counters to show the products. Lighting for the showcase will also be included in the order. The flooring is also usually included and may comprise of whatever the client specifies, like linoleum or carpet.

Add Ons

There are several add ons that can be provided by the trade show display rental firm. These include the signs that are hung on the top part of the space as well as the tables and chairs that may be needed. Other add ons include TV stands, holders for brochures and leaflets, additional shelves, finials, decorative panels, flooring and more furniture. These need to be ordered along with the showcases and kiosks because they need to complement the entire assembly. Some might even need to be custom made due to the specifications of the client. Many of the firms that handle these projects accept orders online or through the phone as long as there are specs that accompany them. It is important to be thorough and clear when it comes to the design.

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