Top 5 Yard Sign Accessories

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Every yard sign needs the right accessory to ensure easy and effective installation. There are lots of different types of accessories available for purchase, ranging in price, size, and composition. Once you’ve chosen what yard sign material is right for you, look at your accessory options. Here’s an overview of the most-common ones, how they are used, and which materials work best with them.

  1. Wire stakes– If budget is your primary concern, then wire stakes are what you need. These inexpensive stakes are made from steel and are h-shaped. They fit into the grooves of corrugated plastic, and then can easily be inserted into soft ground. Although the price is low, keep in mind that these can only be used for corrugated plastic, poster board, and poly bag, where the frame can actually go inside the sign. For bandit signs or political signs, they’re the perfect accessory-easy to remove, reposition, and replace if necessary.
  2. Real estate frames– Another great accessory is the real estate sign frame. These are used with rigid materials (coroplast, aluminum, metal, etc.). Real estate signs are most-commonly used with these frames, but some businesses and even political candidates use them as well. They are made from angle iron, so they are strong and rigid. Most frames have clips on the back which hold your sign in place, but some do not and require you to screw the sign to the frame. The appearance is professional and classic. Since these frames are fairly-heavy, however, they can be expensive to ship.
  3. Step-in stakes– Step-in stakes are similar to frames in that they are made of angle iron. Rather than framing the sign, however, they mount to the back side of it using screws. The stake is then inserted into the ground. The benefit of stakes is that they are less-expensive than frames, and they’re easy to remove and reposition. In addition, these are best for custom-sized signs which cannot fit in a real estate frame. Keep in mind that you cannot (or at least should not) use step-in stakes with a 2-sided piece since the stake will cover up a portion of one side. They are best used for parking signage, security signage, and even high-quality political signage.
  4. Hanging posts– Posts are a great accessory for real estate or business signs. They are constructed from two pieces of white vinyl PVC, one the mounts into the ground and one that sticks out horizontally, from which your sign is hung using metal hooks. Although this accessory is somewhat-expensive, it looks very professional and unique. It can be used with corrugated plastic, aluminum, and metal signs.
  5. A-frames– A-frames are a great accessory choice for businesses who want to advertise on the sidewalk or storefront. They are made of plastic and fold together for easy storage and transport. Open the frame, apply your sign, you’ve got instant advertising! They can be used with a variety of materials, from corrugated plastic to vinyl decal film. You can Velcro your sign to the frame or adhere it (if you use vinyl).

Robert Kinder works as a Production Manager for a local sign company in Dallas, Texas. He has worked in the sign printing industry for over 15 years providing printing and installation for local small businesses and large corporate customers. Robert enjoys passing along his trade secrets and knowledge to help others better understand their signage and their needs. His extensive knowledge about the sign industry and hands-on experience make him an expert on everything signs.

As a veteran sign expert, Robert has extensive knowledge in retail signs and custom yard signs. In his articles he covers tips for sign design, techniques for proper sign installation, common signage questions, and the different material choices for yard sign advertising like political yard signs, real estate yard signs and metal yard signs.

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