Top 5 Products for Summertime Promotions

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Summer is here, and for many companies this means taking a vacation from marketing themselves. Smart marketers know that summer is actually a great time to promote your business with less noise in the marketplace and more of an opportunity for your message to be the focus.

Promotional products are the perfect choice to showcase your brand in the summer. There are so many options for products that will be used over and over again and are bound to give your message maximum visibility. Below are the top 5 product categories for summer promotional items, and fun ideas on how to incorporate them into your promotion.

1. Folding and Camp Chairs – Chairs are a summertime staple. From the baseball fields to the campfire to the beach, a folding chair is a portable billboard for your logo. Consider planning an outdoor meeting, training session, presentation or team building event. Instead of renting chairs, use promotional chairs as your seats and each attendee can take them home when the event is over.

2. Umbrellas – Another useful product for any audience is an umbrella. With so much outdoor living in the summer, umbrellas are used over and over. They are the perfect option for dual branding, as you can imprint different logos or messages on each panel of the umbrella. If you organize fundraiser or event with sponsors, choose an umbrella and add sponsor logos to different panels along with the name of your event.

3. Coolers – Coolers make a great gift in the summer and come in many different sizes at different price points. Use a cooler as packaging for a new product. Pack it with lunch and bring it to customers for your next meeting. Fill it with other promotional items and use it as an incentive or raffle gift at your summer event.

4. Toys – If you are looking for something unique that your recipient can interact with, consider a toy or game for your summer promotional item. Both kids and adults enjoy toys and they can be a different and fun way to deliver your message. Use a fold up Frisbee as an invitation to an event, give outdoor game sets to employees after a summer cookout, send a desktop game out to customers after they place their first order with you. There are a lot of fun promotional toys and games to choose from. Find one you like and build a themed message around it to make it even more memorable.

5. Bags – Bags are always a good choice for a giveaway, but even more in the summer. Backpacks, cinches and totes are sure to get use throughout the summer months with trips to the gym, pool or beach. Find a bag that represents your business, fill it with samples or information about your company, and give it to prospects. Or create a summer referral program and give referrers a bag with a coupon for their next purchase.

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