Top 5 Mistakes in Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the best methods of making money when all other internet marketing methods are concerned. This is true mostly because it is an easy method and there are means of making this really easy with very little effort. While there are many things that can be done to succeed very easily, there are also some things that can go terribly wrong. There are many things that should be avoided to make sure that you succeed with email marketing and they are pretty simple. If you follow the rules, you will have no troubles at all and everything will go smoothly. The top five mistakes that a marketer makes in email marketing are as follows.

1. Not treating your subscriber personally:

The first thing that a customer or subscriber expects is to be treated well. The worst mistake that an email marketer could commit would be to not treat the subscriber personally.

2. Not enough content or offers:

The subscribers expect to get a lot of offers and free gifts and if you don’t provide them with what they expect, then you tend to lose customers as they will not really be interested in something out of which they can’t get anything. If your emails also don’t have quality content, then it is a huge mistake because subscribers are instantly thrown off by sleazy material and when there is not enough content.

3. Not enough/too much communication:

Some email marketers make the mistake of sending in too few mails while some end up sending too many. Both are mistakes that you should avoid. When there are too few messages, your customers tend to lose interest and that is a very bad thing for your business. On the other hand, too many mails would end up irritating your subscribers and that is also going to hurt your business. You should learn to send just enough messages without them feeling neglected but at the same time not smother them.

4. Not having a proper purpose:

Your email list should have a specific purpose. You should have a good offer or discounts on something or you could be offering something related to your products or business. Simply sending emails to your subscribers without any real purpose would just irritate them and they would cease to stay as your subscriber.

5. No coherent theme:

Another thing that you really need is a proper theme. If there is no coherent theme to your emails, again you would lose your customers.

Once you learn the mistakes and avoid them, you will be able to make your mark in the field of email marketing.

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