Top 4 Ways to Make Your Personalized Banner "Personal"

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If you’re going to create a personalized banner, make sure it fits just right for your occasion by using things you have at your fingertips. Your custom banner will be sure to compliment your occasion and make you look like you have it all together. Not sure how or where to start? Use some of the following banner design tips to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Use your own photos. Add your favorite photo to create a personalized banner. It will be sure to reflect your own style, as well as the subject at hand. Release your imagination! Try this – Even if the whole family can’t come to the next reunion, put their faces on a banner and they’ll be there in spirit. The people that aren’t able to make it will still be there in spirit on the banner.

2. Use a hand or footprint image. Huh? For a child’s 1st Birthday – take some paint and make a little foot or hand print on white paper. Take a picture of it, and there you have it, an image you can use on your personalized birthday banner. That’s not too hard, and how much sweeter could your birthday banner be? Precious.

3. Use hand drawn pictures. With 4th of July and summer events around the corner, you may want to keep your kids or daycare children busy now that they’re out of school. Let the kids have fun by practicing their art talents by drawing some patriotic or summer designs – stars, stripes, fireworks, you name it. Again, take a photo of their works of art and upload to create your hanging banner. You’re all set to take along your custom banner to those summer events: picnics, camping, fireworks, etc.

4. Use free graphics or images. If you cannot seem to find what you need in the image library when creating your custom banner, there are other ways to find images that may fit your occasion. Do a Google or internet search for “free graphics or images” and you’ll find several sites that allow you to use their images, FREE. Use your existing programs to take advantage of their “Clip art” and find some image option that help with your personalized banner design.

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