Top 10 Ways To Grow Any Business

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One of the common questions business owners ask themselves is: “How can I quickly grow my business?” My short answer is that there are NO short cuts and NO answers that fit every business! That said, there are a few ways that no matter what business you are in, will work for you. You just have to be open-minded and willing to try things that you may not have thought of.

Here’s a list of my personal 10 favorites that I have used to grow hundreds of businesses around the world. My suggestion is that you pick the 2 or 3 that really speak to you and start there. After you have those up and running regularly, pick another 2 or 3 to implement.

10 ways to grow any company:

1. Go back to the one that got away – Reach out to past prospects that didn’t close. Most sales are lost because the salesperson lacks the determination to follow-up until they get the sale.

2. Make a list of your top customers and sell them more – The person most likely to buy from you is someone who is already a client or has already purchased from you. See if they need an upgrade, would be interested in a new product line, or simply need more of what they already have.

3. Ask everyone for referrals – This one seems obvious at first. But I ask past clients, current clients and even people who don’t close or cancel if they know someone who could use my services.

4. Raise your prices – Again, this seems obvious, but have you done this lately? Are you even in the ballpark of your competitors? I like to be close to my competition, but just above them. The best charge the most…

5. Review what you are doing – Look at promotions, discounts, and other marketing pieces. Are you giving away profit when you could be adding value? Find something you can give away with a perceived value equal to or greater than the cash discount you are currently offering. Better yet, find a partner that is willing to give away something for you just for the chance to promote their business. Hidden tip: Do the same for your promotional partner and get access to their database as well.

6. Monitor your marketing – You have to keep close tabs on what’s working and what isn’t. Stop what isn’t working and invest more in what is.

7. Improve your relationships – Call you customers out of the blue to see how they are doing. Know what’s going on in their lives and keep close tabs on them. Be in their business a little. Don’t show up uninvited to their next BBQ or anything. Just keep an eye on them and communicate frequently.

8. Work on your sale skills – No matter who you are or how long you have been in business, you need to work on your sales skills and always be polishing your delivery, knowledge, rapport building, and closing skills.

9. Multi-touch systems mean a multitude of clients – You have to “touch” prospect multiple times to get the sale. Mix it up with phone calls, direct mail, letters, post cards, emails, and even gifts.

10. Be yourself – Prospects can spot a fake and know when it’s your secretary being cute or funny on your Facebook page instead of you. Just relax and let your client like you for who you are. One more tip, if you aren’t likeable, change that right away or face going broke!

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