To Be Productive, Sales Reps Need to Get to ‘Know’, Fast

April 4, 2009 by  Filed under: Sales 

The most productive Reps selling business-to-business are often those seen by their prospects as exceptionally helpful. B2B Sales Reps often try to help prospects who have no intention to buy. It’s a mistake and a waste. Reps lack the feedback needed to avoid such wasted efforts – the inflection in a prospect’s voice can be misleading. As a result, Reps are often surprised by failed attempts to nurture certain prospects through the sales process. It often takes Reps a long time to detect and learn from such wasted efforts.

Imagine, instead, if Reps got feedback in real-time on the value to each prospect of every conversation; feedback that repeatedly helped Reps converse with the right prospects at the right time and for all the right reasons. Reps would have more chances to be helpful to their prospects. They would quickly gain proof of the value of their efforts. They’d become curious. They’d try new things, and often fail. They’d celebrate things learned from their mistakes. They’d make mistakes well, learn quickly, and iterate on the fly. Imagine that.

Real-time feedback is enormously helpful. It shrinks the time needed to learn best practices, and inspires curiosity. It seeds the joy of learning. It inspires the curious to keep trying. For those most inspired, it creates opportunities to develop the craftsmanship of a sales superstar.

The wisest amongst us are often those who’ve made the most mistakes. They’ve gained wisdom from practically applying what they’ve learned and gone on to discover new things. As a result, they don’t fear failure; they’re immensely curious. They’re typically easy to pick out in any crowd. They’re the ones with the biggest smiles, getting the most out of life, and having the most fun. They’re exceptionally successful.

It’s one thing to get to NO fast. It’s another thing to get to KNOW fast. It may sound the same, but the impacts on a Rep’s sales craftsmanship, and sales results, will be profoundly different.

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