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It seems to be getting harder and harder to achieve visibility for your company without spending a lot of money, but it can be done. The trick is knowing how to “get found”.

A sure way to increase the odds of having someone find you is to make sure your content is set up for maximum effectiveness. What is “content”? Any data or information you use to promote you, your company, and its products or services. That includes news releases, web pages, articles, case studies, white papers, and any other written material. By paying attention to the words you use, you can increase the effectiveness of key word searches being conducted by potential customers as well as the writers and editors who can create additional visibility for you through their publications.

Here is a specific example for one particular industry, but the strategy applies to all businesses: You have just finished an important news release (or trade magazine article, or white paper, etc.) on your proprietary technology and an industry web marketplace is interested in posting it to their site. The technology has applications in fiber optics and it is full of fiber optic references, so you are excited about the possibility of potential customers finding you through keyword searches. But guess what? You’ve just limited the number of people able to find you to thirty percent (or less!) of the potential total number. How did that happen?

It did not occur to you to include all possible term usages. After all, it is not just fiber optics you are talking about, it is also fiberoptics. And optical fiber. Maybe even optical fibre. You did not think about how people might search for fiber optics and so you limited the chances of large numbers of potential customers finding your white paper before it even got posted. This holds true for just about anything that might end up on the Internet – from press releases to technical articles, research papers to sales literature.

The same principle of maximizing your target applies to your web site. Companies, especially start-ups, often begin with a relatively simple site that might be one long, scrolling page created for the sake of speed and simplicity. One set of keywords and you’re done, right? Wrong, if you want to make your site appear as big and fat as possible for the search engines. That does not necessarily mean you’ve got to increase the amount of content on your site (although that certainly helps because, as we all know, content is king), it simply means you need to break up that one or two long pages into several shorter ones, each with its own set of keywords. More pages with more keywords mean more targets for the search engines, along with the added benefit of enabling your potential customers to get right to the information they may be looking for, limiting the number of clicks needed and providing them with a more satisfying experience when they visit your site.

It’s easy — you can create a bigger target for customers to hit by simply maximizing your existing content, regardless of your business or industry. Think about the many ways people can spell and search for your product or service and then spread your content and keywords over more pages on your website to make it more searchable. These are just some of the tricks available to help you get found faster and easier by the people who can help make your company a success.

Jim Schakenbach, owner of BIGWORDS Content Development, is a freelance writer and marketing communications consultant working primarily with B2B and technology accounts. He specializes in creating clear, compelling marketing messages for complex products and technologies. Email him at, visit his website at

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