Tips to Craft Creative Video Production Logos for Your Business

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If you want to create an emblem for your newly established movie or video production company, then you have come to the right place.

Just follow these simple tips and make a distinct place for your company in this cut throat industry.

1. Craft 3 Dimensional Images So That They Look Graphic And Contemporary:
Not all business trademarks can carry off the 3 dimensional pictures but the movie production company logos certainly can. They make the picture look life like and realistic and add a modern look to the picture. There are also several ways the 3 dimensional effects can be used depending upon your target audience. For example, if your business is targeted towards children, then you can use the origami effects for your business symbol or if your films cater to an older genre of audience then you can opt for the gradient effects. Multi dimensional effects represent that you are up to date with the technology and innovation.

2. Use Images That Subtly Define The Business Nature:
To craft an emblem that is innovative and distinct, you should use images that subtly hint about the business instead of explaining it clearly. That will add a smart touch to your brand mark. For example if your business is related to movies and videos and you craft an image of a camera then it may be clear for the customer what your business is, but it will fail to stand out from the crowd. So instead of using obvious images, you can use pictures that hint towards the business. For example, you can use an image of a film reel or diagonally placed take board which will add a conventional yet contemporary look to the image.

3. Use Bright Colors For The Brand Mark:
Since this is a business that relies on creativity and innovation, the colors should represent the same. Here, you need to make sure that you don’t use boring and dull colors like the corporate companies. Instead you can use colors like purple, orange, green, golden, red and blue in your emblem to show your imagination to the viewers.

4. Use Illustrations Instead Of Photographs To Enhance Innovativeness:
Photographs, in many cases, have the tendency to look inflexible and low quality which resized. If you want a higher margin for creativity in your brand mark then you should create them through illustrations. Nowadays, there are many types of software easily available that would help you craft illustrations easily.

5. Use Straight Fonts To Depict Professionalism And Easy Readability:
The first rule of using type face in your brand marks is that they should be easily readable and memorable. In case of video production logos, you also want to show the customers that you are professional and proficient so that they trust your business skills. That is why it is important to use straight fonts for the text in the emblem.

Hence, follow these 5 easy tips and create a movie or video production brand mark that is distinct, memorable and innovative.

Jesicca Thompson is a senior graphic design consultant at logo design consultant who has more then 10 years of experience in logo and movie production company logos for small and start up business owners. Please visit logo design consultant to pump up your business by creating a logo design.

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