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Motivation starts with making the person want to do it. That means you will need to take a moment to understand their perspective and desires. Employees are always difficult to motivate because usually they will still get paid the same regardless of how hard they will work.

Not all employees are the same, some work because they are passionate about the job, some love the clients and people, and some enjoy the challenge. Motivation is a diverse in any organization.

Whatever the personal reasons are for working, in the end almost everyone works for the money. Money provides for the many needs humans have, helps get their kids food and clothing, sends them to college, and allows for more freedom in life. It is important not to underplay that money will always be a major motivator for people.

You must make sure to provide fair compensation and benefits to your employee. Before you can even begin to work on any other motivational issues or strategies, you must make sure they are earning a living wage. Employees are very aware of how they are treated in comparison to their peers. If they sense an inequity, then motivation will be near impossible.

However, all the research in motivation points to the fact that people still want more from work than just money. The American Psychological Association have cited supervisor attention and personal one on one time with their supervisor to be the most rewarding. People want to feel like they matter, and as a supervisor you must make sure you do not appear to be playing favorites or spending more time with one person.

People want to be treated like adults and most of all they want to be recognized for a job well done by someone they hold in high regards. Leadership has a major influence on employees’ motivation. Most of us crave order more than anything. We want to know exactly what is expected us, so it is important to make sure that the tasks and competencies required are always clear. Ambiguity can be a detractor to work motivation.

Social motivation can also be a major factor. Social support has also been recognized as a major factor in just about any type of performance on the job.

Motivation is an ongoing struggle in organizations and it is important to be keenly aware of your employees feelings and not neglect their existence. Make sure to interact with them all as much as possible and keep and eye out for what their individual goals are.

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