Tips on Managing Multiple Projects

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We often have to manage many projects at a time with many teams. It requires skill to be able to manage time, resources and keep yourself in control of so many things going on at the same time and stay efficient unless it is done methodically in the right manner.

Here are a few tips on successful management of multiple projects.

Tip # 1: Delegation of Authority

Delegation gives you the ability to be more effective in managing your projects. If you empower your team by allowing them to take their own decisions you give them opportunities to excel and to grow. Delegation saves your time as you are free to look after more important jobs like making policies and strategies, setting priorities and review tasks across your numerous projects instead of being bogged down in unimportant routine tasks. Not delegating and micromanaging your team is to take each decision personally or dictate the steps, which ultimately leads to mismanagement. It is better to delegate work and take regular feed back on the progress of a job.

Tip #2: Project planning

Project management failures are mainly due to inefficient and up-to-date project plans. To avoid this, the plan must be realistic and up-to-date with daily review. It is vital to review these plans on daily basis to know the direction you are heading in and to make mid course corrections as you go along.

Tip # 3: Keeping project plans integrated

Keeping multiple projects at separate places and using different tools for planning will waste time and will not have a complete picture of the projects. Integrate the project plans and schedule to have a bird’s eye view of time line and mile stones. Using the right technology to gather data and updating the project schedule will save time and will provide a guideline to determine task’s priorities across the projects.

Tip # 4: Ensure Good Communication within your team and with clients

Clients and stakeholders who are concerned with the success of project are often in different locations. Communicating with clients on progress of each project will keep them updated. Communication with the team is everything. Monitoring progress, early warning signs of danger, cooperation, motivation and involvement of the team rely upon communication.

To Summarize:
1. Do not micromanage! Delegate work and do not forget to coordinate their actions and review the progress.
2. Do not allow project plans to go unattended. Keep all project data at one place with schedules.
3. Do not keep multiple project data in different places. Create a master plan to have bird’s eye view.
4. Make use of technology and the right tools to keep information updated on projects without wasting time.
5. Do not neglect communicating with your team and client. Communication is a moral booster.
6. Keep task switching to minimum among team members to increase productivity.

Following these tips will go a long way in helping you to manage multiple projects efficiently and completing them in time and within budget to the satisfaction of the stakeholders.

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