Tips on Getting a High Response Rate in an Employee Feedback Survey

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Getting employees to answer an employee feedback survey is a challenge in most companies all over the world. Often, employees couldn’t see the value of activities like this and view them only as time-wasting, especially when they’ve got a lot on their task lists. For the most part, this is a fault of those conducting the survey and the supervisors or managers of these employees. To be able to overcome this problem and have a productive survey, here are some ideas that you can use.

Just like your company’s product or service, a survey should also be marketed. It should be “sold” to everyone involved, including their respective superiors. Surveys should always be supported by your CEO, who should endorse it to executives and anyone else directly under him. Almost always, when the survey isn’t endorsed by the top boss, it never receives a substantial response rate.

Also, employees would be more encouraged to answer an employee feedback survey if their superiors would let them do that during their work hours. This is one of the reasons why the top bosses down to the middle managers and supervisors need to support fully the study being done.

You need to plan well how you’ll invite the employees to answer the survey. Ask the supervisors or managers to announce in a meeting that a study will be conducted and that a survey will be sent to them through email (or to their respective desks, if you’ll be using a printed questionnaire). The superiors should emphasize the importance of getting the employees’ responses through this survey.

After the employee feedback survey questionnaire is sent and replies start to come in, update everyone about what’s happening with the whole study. Announce from time to time the responses received, while reminding everyone of the deadline for all replies.

During your first survey, your response rate may not be too satisfactory, especially if the company is new to this type of activity. But you can improve this rate in your succeeding surveys. After you’ve sorted and summarized all the replies you’re expecting to receive, communicate to everyone the results in brief. Also, if you will have activities or improvement programs in the company in the future as a result of the responses in the survey, make sure you mention it when you launch the activity or program.

Indeed, achieving a high response rate in an employee feedback survey is always vital but never easy. These ideas are a starting point for you to improve on the number of responses you’ll get the next time you do your study.

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