Tips on Creating a Gantt Chart

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Creating a Gantt chart is not very difficult. Here is a look at some tips that can help you out.

1. You should start with the task that has to be completed last and the one which has to be done first. You then have to determine the task which can only be completed when another task is done. These tasks are called interdependent tasks.

2. You then have to decide whether you would go with a complex or a simple Gantt chart is needed. When you use a simple chart you will only get a limited number of columns while a complex chart includes other columns too.

3. First enter the name of the task in the left-most column. You have to proceed with a single task in every row, enter the person’s name that is responsible inside the second column and then go on to arrange the rest of the columns according to the criteria of month, day and week. If you are using a complex chart, you should include the columns for some other data based information.

4. Next, you have to draw up a line or a hollow box which represents the expected amount of time a task will take. You have to then simply line up the box by the various starts and end dates. You also have to pay attention to the interdependent tasks and arrange them.

5. Always make sure that your project time-line is flexible enough. In case, you have the due date right at the end of a month, you have to complete the task, 2-3 days earlier then expected. This allows dealing with any unsure happening.

6. Make sure that you review the timeline in a regular manner for ensuring the projects tasks are done with in a timely manner.

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