Tips for Promoting Your Business: Taking Advantage of Free Giveaways

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One of the best tips for promoting your business revolves around using free giveaways to attract customers. You can hold contests, offer reports, gifts, eBooks or plenty of other beneficial options. Some people this doesn’t provide “targeted traffic,” but with the right approach it can be extremely effective.

Here are 3 reasons why free giveaways work:

#1 The “Expert” Approach

Your main goal is to make any visitor believe you’re an expert in whatever niche. When you provide them with helpful information in an eBook or report, it will entice them to purchase what you’re selling. Granted, there will be some individuals trying to get everything free, but others will be looking to make a purchase.

These are the people you need to stay in contact with, and the best way to do it is by getting their email. We’ll cover this more in some of our other tips for promoting your business this way.

#2 The “Give and Take”

Anytime someone wants to get their hands on your report, they need to leave an email address in exchange. Keep in mind; this has to be a valid email address. It will allow you to keep in contact with them time and time again. You’ve probably heard the 7 contact rule (eventual purchases based on contacting one person at least seven times), but on the Internet it could take 12-20 interactions.

Whatever the case may be, the goal is to get their email address, because you never know when someone is visiting your site. There will be many occasions when you will be asleep and potential buyers will stop by to see what you have to offer. So, if you’re going to give something away, take the time to get their email address in return.

#3 Branding the Free Gift

One of our last tips for promoting your business discusses the way you brand the item you are giving away. We understand there are some gifts that will never allow this, but most of them can, which is extremely helpful. For instance, if you’re providing a short report or eBook, take the time to place your website link within the pages.

The repetitive approach will eventually catch the attention of the individuals that signed up for your free giveaway. Plus, even if they try to cheat the system and give it to someone else, you’re still providing an advertisement. It’s something we highly recommend if you’re giving away some sort of information.

If you own an online business, these tips for promoting your business should be considered necessities. Without an enticement like a free giveaway, you could be missing out on hundreds or even thousands of buyers. Why miss out on something that could have a major financial impact on your life?

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