Tips For Promoting Damaged or Distressed Items In Your Store

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These days, more and more consumers are looking for ways to save money. It’s no secret that times are still hard, and people are looking for good deals. This downward economy can give retailers an opportunity to glamorize damaged or distressed products in their store as opposed to throwing them away. It’s a time to be financially savvy, and to make innovative decisions for a possibly tighter budget. Not every worn or imperfect item has to be taken off the shelves. Here are ways to sell items from food to furniture at a good price.

1. Furniture: One of the few products that can be sold distressed for a high profit is furniture. Many people buy new furniture and apply crafty tricks such as painting and sanding to make it look antique, knowing the many customers appeal to this “vintage” look. If you have damaged furniture to be sold, don’t throw it away, as it could be worth more than you think. Look up tutorials in giving it an antiquated appearance, then sell it at a good price. You may be surprised at how much it’s worth.

2. Clothing: The newest fad in clothing is to have a vintage style. For this reason, distressed jeans, tops and boots will bring in surprising profits despite the worn look. The key to selling more is to mix and match rather than promoting separate items of clothing. Match various old clothes to create a desirable style, such as pairing an oversized sweater with a faded belt and black leggings. Show your customer that it’s a boho chic outfit they want in their wardrobe. For a push in the right direction, look up fashion trends of 2012.

3. Food: Not just any food; canned food. Damaged cans may not appeal to everyone, but they’ll certainly appeal to those who are tightening their budget. The way to promote damaged canned goods is by shaving off a few pennies. This could mean literally lowering the price from one dollar to maybe 95 cents, or creating bogo deals to appeal to the consumer. Whatever you choose, it will bring in a surprising source of revenue, especially from thrifty shoppers.

If you have products that aren’t brand new, these items may still be useful, so don’t rush to throw them away. There are plenty of tips to return damaged goods back into a product that can make a decent profit.

Ria Rankine is a freelance writer and journalism student. She currently writes weekly articles for the bargain website,

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