Tips for Growing a Local Business

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With the economic outlook starting to improve, many businesses are starting to look at ways to grow and expand their presence. Even with limited funding, it is not difficult to increase the size of a business substantially.

Think about all of the services that customers like to use for free. They can be a virtual treasure trove of resources for a company to market to their target demographic. There are many websites out there that will allow people or organizations to create free classified ads, where they can sell items, products or services. With a carefully planned ad, an organization could use this site for lead generation or general advertising. Many businesses also open a business social networking account. This gives them the opportunity to market directly to a potential client list that people ask to be on.

It is also common that companies will create marketing partnerships with other local companies to synergize their efforts. An example of this would be a car dealership giving a customer a coupon book for discount car washes at the car wash down the road. The discount on the car washes is a value to the customer, because it saves them money and could be an enticement that draws business. It will also help to drive customers to the car wash, so that new car owners can keep their car paint looking new longer. Local marketing agreements can be made with multiple companies at a time, so always keep an eye open for new opportunities.

A modification of the marketing partnership would be bartering for services. This will allow companies to still acquire necessary supplies, but also save available capital for other aspects of the business. An example of this would be a person who owns an embroidery shop, trading embroidered clothing to an insurance agent for their liability insurance. Since they are trading, there is no cash coming out of pocket on either side, and both sides are saving money since they are providing the service at their cost.

Finally companies can increase their social marketing by providing products or services to a nonprofit organization, and use it as both an advertising opportunity as well as a public relations opportunity. If a company were to sponsor an event, then they can invite the media and get extra exposure to the local area. They also will generate good will with the community for helping with the event.

These options will help a company market locally no matter what shape the economy is in. Using these methods and others like it, will give a company a good head start in expanding their market share in that area.

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