Tip 6 – Promoting Your Business With Photographs – Printed Banners

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Recently I was at a popular trade show. There were many vendors and a crowd of people in the isles. It was hard to see what some people were promoting, but those with banners stretched across the front of their tables could be easily identified. I could tell what product or service they offered at a glance.

A banner can be the perfect tool when you need to stand out in a crowd and want everyone to notice you.

They can be made almost any size, to meet whatever need you may have. Banners can be a few feet wide for use at tradeshows and conventions, or large enough to hang from the front of your building.

Choose the photographs you want to use carefully because people will be driving or walking by the banner quickly, so they will only see it for a second or two. The photographs you choose should really grab a person’s attention, either with bright colors or a very interesting image.

If they are walking by a trade show display, you want the picture to be so enticing that they will stop to learn more. And the right image will pique a driver’s interest enough to make them remember you after they get to their destination.

The advantage a banner offers when showing photographs is that you have a lot of space to work with. Almost any banner can easily display large photographs. And you can also use a photograph as a background that covers the entire banner.

Or combine them and have a photograph for a background with other photographs on top. In this case it’s usually best to have the background image made with muted or faded colors. Otherwise, it may compete with any photographs you put on top of it and be confusing to the people looking at it.

On your banner, photographs can be used to present yourself as a specialist or generalist, or even be a mini-catalog.

I was at a trade show and saw a banner that had several photographs on it. As I scanned the banner I didn’t see anything that interested me, until I saw the last photograph. It was a strobe unit I was thinking of buying. I immediately went to the table, talked with the person there and left with the information I needed.

If you use several photographs, each illustrating different aspects of your service, or various products, the banner will indicate that you offer a wider range of options. And having many pictures of your different products will work like a catalog where people can see many of your products at a glance.

When selecting images for your banner, think outside the box. Don’t just use images that realistically represent your products or services, but express emotions and how you want people to feel about your business.

Photographs can represent energy, happiness, simplicity, problem solving and more. And you can also have images of people happily using your products or services.

It’s important to make your banner the proper size. If it’s too big or too small, it won’t work. Draping a twenty-foot banner over a five-foot table looks bad. And putting that same banner on the top of a thirty-story building, with the intention of drivers seeing it from the freeway a mile away, is a waste of time and money.

Choose photographs for your banner that have real punch. Ideally, each image should perfectly represent your business. Everyone who sees that photograph should clearly understand your business or the key message you want the public to have about your business.

You can easily design your own banners, and have them printed out at a local Big Box store, office supply store or many online companies. All of these places also offer templates. You just supply the photographs and text.

Banners are easy, affordable and can be used for a long time. They are the perfect tool when you want to make a big impression.

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