Three Must Do’s for Ultimate Bed and Breakfast Branding

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B&B’s are known for their personalized attention and high quality service but how does a client choose between different B&B’s or other accommodations? Your business brand is what set’s you apart from everyone else who does the same thing you do. One of the first things I do with a new client is to go through an exercise to determine what they want to be known for in their industry or geography. Here are three components of an incredible brand.

First, base your Bed and Breakfast brand on YOUR strengths as well as those of your location.

Know the value that you bring as the owner. Think about the things that you uniquely provide – A knowledge of history? A specialty dish? Expertise in fishing or photography that they won’t get somewhere else? Highlight those things in your marketing material and in your conversations with prospective clients. Your experiences and knowledge will resonate with clients and increase their excitement about their visit.

Another strength you could expand upon is customer service. Although all B&B’s say they deliver great service, you have an opportunity to describe what it means to you. If you personally take ownership of problem resolution, highlight that. Use a specific example of where you handled a sticky problem. If you got a written thank you or feedback from the client you helped, add that as well. This generates a lot of confidence particularly in first time clients.

Second, Don’t be Subtle – It doesn’t work!

“Two Scoops!” Those are the words that woke me up when I was supposed to be watching TV last night but was dozing on the sofa instead. If I told you the commercial was for a breakfast cereal, you’d probably guess pretty quickly that it was Kellogg’s Raisin Bran. On their web site they write: “With so many raisin bran choices, what does one smiling sun offer that generations have loved? Why, Two Scoops® of delicious raisins, of course!”

You know immediately what distinguishes them from their competition. They’ve chosen to call out a feature of their cereal that makes them unique from all the other cereal brands and is almost impossible to challenge. Notice they don’t say they’re the best tasting. Maybe they are, but that claim can be easily attacked by their competitors. They also don’t say that they’re the cheapest. They’re not interested in making a claim which could force them into a price war.

The other thing they do in these two simple sentences is to focus on the benefits of their brand to their customers. They’re letting customers know that they will provide not just a handful, but two big scoops and they reinforce that image right on the front of the box.

I challenge you to look at the marketing and advertising for your bed and breakfast and see if they pass the tests of demonstrating an ‘obvious value’ to your customers and making it easy for you to stand out from your competitors.

Finally, Be Consistent over time.

A great example used by the Celebrity Branding Agency was a Mercedes dealer who provides loaner cars to their best clients but the loaner cars are Hondas. The customer is left wondering why they didn’t receive a Mercedes loaner. If they have a good experience with the loaner, they may start thinking that it might be OK to consider another brand.

Just think about this. Your best customers are also repeat customers. Due to the economic environment today, they may be thinking of postponing that next trip. Use your branding and messaging to remind them of the wonderful things you have to offer and entice them to say “I need to get there soon!”

We each have the risk in our own businesses of falling into the trap that this car dealer did. We ignore opportunities to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and come up with new ways to entice and amaze them. Look at all of the ways that you touch your clients and identify at least one area where you are missing an opportunity to extend your brand or where you are sending a mixed message and correct it. You’ll be rewarded with more loyal customers.

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Linda believes that every business owner can and should be a star in the eyes of their prospects and customers. She’s a Marketing Strategist, Business Coach, Author and Speaker who focuses on small business marketing. Her mission is to prove that B&B’s can be self-sustaining and profitable while still retaining their charm and individuality. My vision is to eliminate the need for a secondary source of income for all B&B owners.

Linda learned how to manage a business during her 30 year career at a Fortune 100 company. She completed her coach training at Coach Training Alliance. She counts as her mentors some of the top coaching, marketing and public speaking experts in the industry, including Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, James Malinchak and Adam Urbanski. She is a member of The National Association of Women Business Owners, The Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking International (BNI).

She has a B.S. in Mathematics from Auburn University and an MBA from the University of South Florida.

You can reach Linda by email at

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