Think Your Business Can’t Afford Trade Show Exhibits? The Answer May Just Surprise You

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It’s no secret that, in order to make money, businesses in every industry need to spend money. This is especially true when it comes to marketing a company’s services and wares. No matter what industry vertical your organization is operating under, you need a successful marketing campaign to ensure that the consuming masses recognize your brand as an industry leader and are compelled to contact you first when a need arises.

Trade Show Exhibits Can Get A Bad Rap With Cost Misperceptions

Unfortunately, in today’s often tumultuous global economy, businesses are keeping a careful eye on their marketing budgets. What is one of the most prominent areas to suffer from cutbacks? Trade show exhibits. Despite yielding a massive return on investment, trade show displays often (wrongfully) get tossed into the “too expensive, we’ll readdress in the next fiscal year” category.

However, deciding trade show displays must be too expensive and omitting them for your organization’s marketing budget can prove a costly mistake. Think you simply don’t have the extra capital to sufficiently execute at industry conventions? Guess again. Using a few alternative, cost saving tactics can help you reap all the benefits this promotional resource offers without the hefty price tag.

Key Ways To Save Money And Still Garner ROI From Your Trade Show Exhibits

One of the best ways to save capital when participating in marketing conventions is often found in the booths and stands themselves. Today’s professional booth designers offer businesses an extensive range of options that meet various price points. What is one of the most cost efficient models? Table top displays. No longer relegated to bent cardboard with Velcro add-ons, today’s table top displays prove visually compelling, informative and fun! You’ll receive an eye-appealing final product guaranteed to catch the crowd’s eye at a fraction of the cost of larger trade show exhibits. Best of all, table top displays require less storage space and ship for far less than their full-sized counterparts.

Now that you’ve opted for table top displays for your organization, there are a slew of other ways to save money throughout the convention season. Always consider the following to help remain fiscally responsible as you work the expo circuit:

Narrow down the best events: Remember, every function brings with it its own set of costs. Carefully narrow down the list of functions your organization participates in each year to ensure you’re maximizing efforts but sticking to your corporate budget.

Send only relevant employees: Gone are the days when attending a convention was a company field trip/free for all. There’s really nothing free about it – decide which employees will make the most impact at the function and send them along. Everyone else should stay at the office to save money on hotels, airfare, car rentals, etc.

Only attend local functions: There’s something to be said for building your brand in your own business backyard. Strategically engage at local functions to save on travel costs and really hone in on your local client demographic.

Work the room – as an attendee: Still don’t feel like you have enough expendable income to invest in trade show exhibits? No problem. Remember, every event is only as good as its attending guests. So, why not forego the booth and simply check it out as an attendee? For the price of admission, you can effectively take in everything that a convention has to offer.

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